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~FP~ Idyllia - Midday ~FP~ Idyllia - Midday

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Great piece, but lacks development

The use of drum set adds really unique, kind of pushing forward feel to the piece especially when coupled with the heavy taiko drums. The bass-line, albeit fairly standard, does a good job setting up the transgressive feel of the piece. The ending crescendo and if you will, stinger at the end. make for a satisfying climax, but it could have been a lot more impacting if the song had explored its melody and the one in the first song in the suite's more. The intro to the song is superb also, and could have in hindsight been even more effective if there was more highs and lows in the song. Its length only really allows for the intro, melodic passage, and then ending crescendo. It has all the makings for a truly brilliant and moving piece of "epic music," but falls just barely short in my opinion.